Marmaris Nightlife For the Best Nightlife In Turkey

Best Nightlife in Marmaris

This Mediterranean resort city is well known for its splendid sun-filled beaches. But what most people do not know is that Marmaris also has some of the most exciting nightlife in Turkey. You will spend your days relaxing in the sun on the sand and wandering along the long seafront promenade. Or perhaps dancing the night away on one of the many bars and clubs dotted along the city’s main pedestrian thoroughfare. By day, you can do some serious business – the capital of the region being a busy commercial center as well. At night, the bustling nightlife bursts into the open street as you walk from one club to another; the local women may even be out in search of men!

In the heart of Marmaris live music is very popular, especially in the bars and nightclubs along Beylerbey Avenue. Popular hotspots for the nightlife in Marmaris include Cafe de La Barge, Club Terreir, Melkot, Tivoli and Maison De Clermont. Another great place to experience the pulsating nightlife in Marmaris is at Talaasole, a converted old house turned into a trendy lounge complete with bars, dance floors and karaoke bars. Other hotspots in the vicinity of Talaasole are Cigan Club Paravel, both of which offer a colourful nightlife filled with live music.

Marmaris nightlife

Quieter living spots

Marmaris also has its share of quieter living spots – most of which are situated along Orchyres Avenue. Popular bars in this area include La Portage, Le Brea and Club Bikini. There are also some good live music venues in this part of town, such as Club Terreir, which plays a variety of national and international music; and Club Ciacou, which is a charming little bar where you can still find traditional Marmaris style wines and beers. On the other end of the spectrum, just down the road from Cigan Club Cikini is La Trattoria, a small yet lively beer house that offers good quality and a variety of international beers.

Bria is one of the most popular areas for Marmaris nightlife

Marmaris has its fair share of lounges and pubs, many of which are located in the Old Town. One of the most popular areas for Marmaris nightlife happens to be Bria on the island’s north coast. This is a particularly lively section of town, and is where you will find the original bars, restaurants and bistros that helped Marmaris gain its reputation as a party island. Popular bars and nightclubs in this area include Tivoli, Taorirt, Jelq and Blue Marmaris (in English, “blue cats”).

A few hours further up the island you’ll discover the real heart of Marmaris, its medieval city centre, a historic spot with plenty of bars, clubs and interesting cultural activities. If you like old world charm and the nightlife here is something you should consider; the bars and nightclubs here play a mix of traditional Turkish music and world famous turkish tracks, and the price of a night at one of these Marmaris bars can easily fit into your budget. Are you interested in a more quiet spot? If yes, then try Club Ciacou, which offers comfortable, intimate surroundings and a selection of international and local turkish music.

Top-class bars and nightclubs in Turkey!

Most visitors to Marmaris will be coming in part or full of alcohol. For this reason Marmaris bars and nightclubs are often quite busy during the evening hours. So if you’d like to avoid the crowd and enjoy the peace and calm of a quiet night in Marmaris, try one of the many self-catering apartments available in this region of Turkey. With the apartment finding you’ve been looking for, you won’t be disappointed. Some of the top-class bars and nightclubs in Turkey offering a great night out for visitors.

There’s nothing better in life than relaxing in your own environment. This is just what you can expect when staying in one of the many luxury Marmaris apartments. The Turkish hospitality is always friendly and welcoming, even throughout the late hours. So, you can sample the local food without having to leave your luxurious apartment! It really is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of activities in the city.

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